Are dry flowers really sustainable?

Are dry flowers sustainable?


Unbelievable, but true ... you experience a comeback! Maybe they are already encountered on Pinterest or Instagram.wheatScabosisRhodanthelavenderAcroclinium... dried flowersCome out of fashion for a long time, hold back into our apartments and in our daily life. They are a treasure trove of inspiration and offer a variety of opportunities for original andTrendy creationswho in your homeCountry house, bohemia and vintage style will beautify.

Of the Trend dried flowers suddenly came like a storm and as in all trends, there is a beautiful and a dark side.
Let's say it like that: Dried flowers are sustainable, because you hold longer as fresh flowers And you can keep it longer in the supply chain and do not have to immediately Plate all flowersif we do not sell them.

Not all dried flowers are sustainable. How come? Here are the 3 most important points:

Origin: Many traders now offer Exotic flowers and Grasses as dried products. Yes, you will find beautiful Palmwedel from India, Pampasgras from Latin America... long transport routes and opaque supply chain are included. Who picked these plants and under what conditions? We would like to do thatDriedflumen-Blossomnot support. We know our suppliers and buy 100% European production. Most of the Netherlands, Italy and France.
Processing: Dried flowers Call by nature, right? Here are so many Dried flowers Artificially colored and bleached. For whatever reason? Of course, bright colors look good, but we are convinced that we also in the colors Natural colors of the dried flowers can be found again. Our Dried bikes, Rings and other creations are colorful and happy, Here we have only worked with natural colors.

Great possibilities with my dried flowers ...

Make room for inspiration, color and the game of textures. Dried flowers Are small nuggets that you can put in scene when you recognize your potential. Dare to be original and decorate your living room, your sleeping and dressing room, your bathroom or kitchen with ultrafeminines Dry brew. Dried flowers Offer a beautiful color palette and bring a touch of fantasy into your interior. They inspire us, awaken our curiosity and creativity. the Creations of our florists Specify the sound for this renewal. Through the game with nuances and reliefs, everyone takes the time Dry bouquets Imagine and manufacture, which will be astonished the lucky recipients of this delicate attention. Drying bouquets are ideal as a gift for eternity or as a decoration for the trusted home and are a must.


... without the risk that you are withering


 Are dry flowers really sustainable?


For us are the Dried flowers Above all, a love story. We wanted to introduce them to this beautiful world to imagine and beautiful passion Bouquet to create. It's hard not to fall in love with these natural flowers. They are harvested directly in the fields by our partner farmers and since 1988 after the same Crafted method driedwhere you get the attention necessary for your quality and longevity. In the online shop you will find ours Selection of dried brewing At an affordable price for a durable decoration adapted to their budget. Whether for yourself or to give away, Dried flowers fit too many Creations. Why do we like her so much? Authentic and timeless we would say. And yes, The preservation of dried flowers is very simple. Ultimately, no special maintenance is required. Dried flowers Are the friends of those who have no green thumbs and bring personality to their home.

Everything you need to do is a place for yours Dry bouquet to find. Stay it ... more Creations will follow to celebrate the spring and each of our beautiful seasons.


Are dry flowers really sustainable?


Packaging & Shipping: The packaging and shipping can already come a lot of garbage and plastic together. In our products we think of the entire supply chain. How do we packDriedflumen-Blossom dried flowers? We prefer recycled paper and materials that are compostable or reusable. We also send climate neutral, that is, the CO2 emissions will be offset and offer the free pickup option for all Berliners.

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