Pressing of dried flowers

Dried flower stems can be pressed flat


When I heard that our supplier pressed flowers is retiring, I have been looking for ways to expand our range. In a recent post I have about the Presses spoken of garden flowersBut I also came to mind that some dried flower stalks might also be useful for my business.

Small flowers and dried grasses


The best dried Material for pressing must be small so that it can be flat presses. Through trial and error I have found that it is best that plant material between damp Scroll pinch. In this way brittle objects can something be soft before they dry again on the spot. If you wet the material directly, it can cause problems with clumped fibers, especially in grasses.



Dried lavender stalks kept on pressing much of their 3D structure

Dried flowers for pressing

I thought that dried baby's breath flowers and Seelavendel both coped well with the presses. Lavender was fine, but against the pressing almost resistant - it is always easy in three dimensions! When I look at the list of Dry bouquets look in my shop, I suspect that most of them are too big - I think everything to end almost a centimeter is great from the front, probably not flat enough dry. Statice dumosa was marginal in this regard, and Glixia did not really work. I think Solidago (goldenrod) might be in order there, but I have not tried.


Dry flower stray


statice dumosa pressed


Dried statice dumosa flowers were borderline too bulky to press

Dried flowers to taste


  • Gypsophila flowers
  • Seelavendel and Kaspia
  • Solidago (goldenrod)
  • lavender stems


flower press sea lavender


pressed Limonium - dried sea lavender

Dried grasses for pressing

The grasses I think that everything should be with a narrow stalk fine, so I close Setaria, wheat, Lagurus and Phalaris the end. I think that barley and oats for the same reason as lavender are borderline above. I had success with single stems of Agrostis, Stipa and Panicum - try it you could even use colored stems, I think.


dry panic grass presssed



Dried flowers blossom bouquet dry boho dried flowers wreath dry bouquet boho wedding


Dried panic grass - Panicum pressed


Dry grass varieties for testing


  • Agrostis (thriving grass)
  • Stipa (spring grass)
  • Panicum (bluegrass)


pressed flowering grass


pressed Ivory Agrostis - dried bleached thriving grass

I did not use it Pampas grass or Miscanthus tried, but I think they would also work if you just small pieces used.

Other dried plants for pressing

Other things to try - most seedpods are too woody for pressing. I think, dried leaves should be successful - I did it with bleached Ruscus tried, but it was pretty flat, so that the result is not sufficient improvement showed!

Learn more about how flowers pressed.

Hopefully, some of the successful pressed dried grasses and flower later in 2021 be available for purchase.


Pictures - driedflower craft

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