Potpourri production

Potpourri achieves top prices


potpourri Has very sought after this year, so I liked talking about this trend.


Potpourri production



Handmade potpourri in a box


You mentioned designer brands that Potpourri for 80 to 125 euros per pack sell, and asked me for a comment. In my opinion, designer brands are more and more desirable, but Homemade Potpourri Is cheaper and brings a sense of satisfaction with you!

Reasons for the trend towards Potpourri

Jackie asked about the possible origins of the current trends. In my opinion, there is one Long-term tendency to natural products as reaction to Mass production And plastic I have watched in the last fifteen years. Other areas that benefit from this movement are Handmade products and dried flowers.


This year, the preference is still greater for everything that has to do with nature. People find comfort in Indoor plants and Crafting And use the outdoor stay when allowed to you. There is also a financial element: if your income is uncertain and you have time, that's the perfect time to deal with home improvements.


Potpourri production


Some of my homemade potpourris in printing

Gertrude Jekyll was one Potpourri fanatics

I told her of the historical gardener Gertrude Jekyll, who once a year a huge Quantity Potpourri made from the flowerswho had collected in the course of the seasons in their house in Munstead Wood. That potpourri Integrated mainly Rose petalsbut she gathered everything her fragrant Find material, including leaves and Citrus. She stood so much that she needed a wheelbarrow to transport it, and tilted it on the kitchen floor to mix it. An unusual ingredient that she always added was after violet fragrant talcum, which has to give her a wonderful sweetness.


Potpourri production


Handmade Garden Potpourri

My this year's potpourri

This year I have one potpourri the end my garden manufactured. I have the Flowers and petals first dried and then Pair of drop fragrance oil added from the home. You do not have to add any fixing agents and can that potpourri Use within a day instead of dragging it for weeks.


Potpourri production


Handmade Potpourri box

Handmade Potpourri out of my garden In a small glass box
In my pictures of my Potpourris You can see that I have some flower Used that look good and some who smell good.

Fragrance of:

  • Monarda
  • Petals of peonies
  • Whole roses




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