Pampasgras - Dry Flower Blossom

Think of neutral, high and fluffy grass in vases, On weddings and in a big ground vase in your home. Dried pampasgras is currently a great trend and we do not believe he will disappear so fast. What kind of one as harmful weed applies, is for the others luxurious gemwho can not miss any house.

If you want to know where you Pampasgras can buy as you decorate with it and how you care for it, then read our guide for Pampasgras decoration. We also tell you some of our tips and tricks as you Pampasgras in their own Dry flower arrangements can be installed.

Most people are likely to be with the high, fluffy, neutral Looking-looking stems are now very familiar. Sometimes in Creamy white or in a natural, pink Variant (there is also colored Pampasgras). Pampasgras, under Plant expert Also known as Cortaderia, is a very attractive Grass from the family of Poaceae grasses. Dried pampasgras enjoys increasing popularity as Ornamental grassbecause in hundreds of houses not only in Germanybut a sought after around the world Piece of jewelry is.



Pampasgras plants - How fast is Pampasgras growing?


Pampasgras - Dry Flower Blossom


If you Pampasgras You want to absorb some things. It takes a lot of space, as it grows fast and can be up to 6 m high. Pampasgras is fully grown within 2-4 years and can be up to 15 years old. It drives off in the spring and forms in the first year after planting onions. In some parts of the country, it is considered invasive and as harmful weeds, "so you should inform yourself about the statutory provisions in your country. In America, especially in California and Hawaii, that is Pampasgras as invasive plant known as it looks himself and spreads to form dense colonies.

The high season for Pampasgras is from March to May, but if you dried pampasgras to buy, it is usually available all year round.


Is pampasgras banned?


Not quite. Pampasgras Is only illegal in certain parts of Australia, z. B. in certain regions of NSW, including Greater Sydney, South East and North East Coast. The reason for this are the over 100,000 seeds in the Flowerwho can spread up to 25 km with a light wind. In Victoria is the cultivation and sale of Pampasgras However, legal. Nobody has stated whether dried pampasgras is illegal, because it is not the same as that Fresh grass is. if Pampasgras is illegal in your state, there are many companies that artificial pampasgras Sell, which sees the real grass pretty similar.


Where can you buy pampasgras?


Pampasgras - Dry Flower Blossom


Available in local Flower shops, in markets and here at Driedflumen-Blossom. Pampasgras is not only here in Karlsruhe, but in wholeGermanyVery easy. Pay attention to the best pampasgras, because some can look pretty sad and matted. Driedflumen-Blossom applies only high-quality, dried pampasgras in Germany, which is high and fluffy. If you Pampas grass in large amounts need, please contact us to get an individual offer.


How pampas grass dries


Cut 5 Pampasgrashaws with a sharp knife or Flower shears away. Remove excess Foliage At the end of the stems. Tend the stems together and tie them together with a cord or a rubber band. Hang it head over to the dry On a cool, dry Place for 3-4 weeks.

The care of the Pampasgras is simple. Spray everyone Blossom slightly with Hair spray, avoid it to touch and move them too much, and keep them away from moisture and direct sunlight.

Pampasgras decoration


Pampasgras - Dry Flower Blossom


Pampasgras in a vase Or leaning against a wall in your house is very popular. The strong grass is a real eye-catcher In your home. We constantly put dried Pampasgras Arrangements And they belong to our bestsellers. The high, Fluffy grass is a very coveted in most houses Decorative piece.

We are planning one again this year Pampasgras weddingwhere the courses with the fluffy, luxurious stems be filled. If you are not sure where you Buy pampasgras for a wedding can contact us, because we can be beautiful, Fluffy stems for your wedding For an affordable price.

We would be happy to ourselves Dried pampasgras in your house or even on your wedding To see! In the meantime, you can watch us as we scroll through Pinterest and the dreamlike pampasgras weddings Pinner.


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