Dried lavender

Dried lavender, dried flowers Blossom brings you the color and the scent of Provence ..



Get the Provence in your home with a delicious Bouquet of dried lavagesBeing! Who does not love your irresistible scent and yours Purple blue flower bouquets? Dried lavender Not only is nice to look at, but also retains its magnificent fragrance.

Much more than dried flowers


Dried lavender



Dried lavender



The color of Provence

With his powerful stem and his Robust flowers is lavender a flowerwho is very Good for drying Suitable. But that works only with Fresh lavender from France. For Dried quality lavender Is France the right place.

At a height of 800 to 1100 meters Above the sea level grows Lavender on the calcareous floors in Provence.

"In the Provence gets the lavender An even more beautiful and more intense color. That hangs together with the climate. lavender Also grows in the deeper Regions of France, but this variety will be for perfumes and essential oils used."


Dried lavender



Dried lavender

Pictures of Thursd.



Traditional harvest

Lavender, also called Lavandula Angustifolia, is planted in the fall.

Lavender flowers Not in the first year, but then every year. The fragrant purpleBlue lavender fields are haremening in July.

the Lavender Is done by hand and takes about three weeks. The stems are tuftless with a sickle of Structure cut off


Dried lavender


The fragrance of the French summer

the Lavender Then become natural Way dried: in one big dry shedStanding on the head, protected from glaring sunlight. In this way, the flowers retain their characteristic color. Thanks to the warm French summer wind is the lavender After about a week completely dried and ready for export.

"I find it wonderful, with one Natural product like lavender to work. We are completely dependent on the weather, that makes it exciting! "



Dried lavender


Dried lavender

Did you know...

that The scent of lavender scientific have been proven to have a soothing effect? Linalool, a substance released from the lavender, stimulates the sense of smell in the nose and that has a relaxing effect!
lavender was always highly appreciated thanks to its disinfecting effect from our ancestors. Already the ancient Romans used this herb for the production of soap and drugs.
If Dried lavender Lied on a saucer, he brings a wonderful scent into the apartment when it flows like frirely.
A bouquet of dried lavender keeps moths away from your wardrobe.



Dried lavender


Dutch masters of dried flowers

Are the masters of drying flowers, the most beautiful and enchanting of their kind. As part of Greenflor, a pioneer for niche products with a distinctive assortment, we choose the most beautiful dried flowers from own cultivation and look for natural in all corners of the world Dry decoration. the Dried flowers fromDriedflumen-Blossom are Sustainable and are fully in trend.



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