A drying flowers decoration for the fall (and not only!)

With my tips for a pretty dry flower decoration, the weekend begins well!

5 good reasons for one Decoration with dried flowers decide

◆ Zero maintenance: For those who have no green thumb, it is the Ideal plant for a pretty decoration In all seasons and does not have to be redotoff or poured!
◆ Permanently: Dry bouquets Hold long, long time! The colored flowers can sweep something over the years, but you can actually keep them a lifetime!
◆ Affordable: one Dryflum decoration is free if you dry your flowers yourself! If not, you can do it with a Florist, in Decorations or in E-shops . acquire.
◆ Multi-function: There are a variety of ways to bring dry flowers to your home. You can not only produce bouquets, but also garlands, wreaths, frame ....
◆ Cameon: The Decoration with dried flowers Fits in every interior (Industrial, Bohemian, Scandinavian, Vintage, Simple or Colorful) ... You just have to Flowers and colors Select that best match your interior!


What do you do with dried flowers?


In a vase.
The classic version that works every time! , an XXL vase, different sizes, shapes and colors ...

A drying flowers decoration for the fall (and not only!)


Dried flowers In a basket, a watering can...


A new version the classic Dry bouquetin a vase. You can do yours Dried flowers in baskets Arrange for hanging or set up and play with sizes and shapes, in one Watering can, in a bottle, in Jug or enamelled Metal elements... you only have to Let the creativity free runto find original ideas that pretty bouquet enrich!

A drying flowers decoration for the fall (and not only!)



Dried flowers in a wreath, a garland, a glass bell ...


As a variety Dry brew you can alternatives like Flower garlands or bouquets, wreaths with more or less colorful flowers, greater or smaller, depending on the desired style, try out. You can multiple Sizes of wreaths combine on the same wall, yours Door or her window. We also love the Glass bells, in which you are a simple one Rose, a hydrangea or different little wildflowers Can be made!


Drying Flowers - Decoration

You can the dried flowers also for the production of accessories use! The perfect detail for one wedding, one Birthday party or one Bohème eveningBeing! To yours To beautify hairstyle, you can Flower choose or some dried flowers Select and you on one Clasp or one little comb put. That works well on one Brooch or cuff: discreet, but with guaranteed wow effect!


The alternative of the squeezed flowers


If you are for the Decoration in a frame Decide, you can have a small and simple Diy Try or buy a finished frame! That Pressing the flowers is quite simple: insert the selected ones Flowers in a big book, z. B. a dictionary, and forget it until they are completely dried!

Again, there are a variety of ways dried flowers to use, whereby the imagination are not limited: Design a Herbarium in a double-walled frame or with a background, Use the flowerto decorate an item by using them to a notebook, one candle, Glue a box ...



How do you do a bouquet of dried flowers?


◆ My tips: Some flowers can be dried better, You keep your shapes and colors better than others. This is the case Hydrangea, eucalyptus, Cage love, Thistle, Immortal, statice, lavender, papacy, roses... it is preferable Young flowers in bloom or in the bud to choose: if the blossoms To be advanced, the Petals to do so Drying easier to drop.
◆ Step 1: Remove the Leaves from the stems.
◆ Step 2: Make small bouquetsby doing the same Flowers Or put together with the same size. flower with longer Stalks, such. B. Rosesif you prefer individually dry as in one bunch.
◆ Step 3: Hang the small bouquets with rubber bands or laces.
Step 4: Hang the bouquets Head on a dry, warm, well-ventilated and light-protected place to get the color.
◆ Step 5: Wait patient! Depending on the variety and size of the chosen plants the drying time be longer or shorter.


A drying flowers decoration for the fall (and not only!)








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