The dry flowers crayery, the summer accessory

They dive everywhere in the social media on ...Dried flower ringsare in all hearts. And this summer, whether on onefestival, oneweddingor at oneSunny Sunday at home, it is the must-have accessory that will spice up your hair. If you are in love, here is oursFlower wreath category .


Every occasion is good to get one Wreath of dried flowers put into hairBeing! Already on the festivalbecause it is one of the few places that everyone can really dress up to lust and mood. There are even more and more stands that Floral wreath Selling. But since they are for recycling, they prefer to opt for the Dryer crownwho also on the Bohemian wedding Will accompany your best friend. And yes, your hair will be the most beautiful to dance this summer!



Dried floral crown

In your hair, but not only ...

If the fixed and Wedding season is over, you can do your dried Reuse flower crown. It is not necessary to put them in the cupboard and take out again next year (because yes, if you protect them from sun and moisture, you can last for years!), No, use them to your Cocoon a flowery touch To give you by carefully hanging it on the wall of your living or bedroom.

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