For dried flowers blossom we love styling with dried flowers.

For dried flowers blossom we love styling with dried flowers.


They are sustainable and lying really trendy and enable us to become creative in our workshop and home. However, there is more to consider when you might think. Starting with the wide selection to the different Drying methods we want our knowledge about Dried flowers Share with you - all summarized in this introductory guide. Whether you are a prestige Florist or just want to know how to Hydrangeas dries - Read it and let us know if you have learned something new!


For dried flowers blossom we love styling with dried flowers.


Why dried flowers are a growing trend?


Let's take a look at the trend itself. Our Dry bouquets Go away like hot rolls, and it's a nationwide trend. The reason for this is in our opinion a double:

Dried flowers are easily accessible.

Dried flowers are simply the perfect entry into the world of Floristry. The care effort is minimal and you can hold long (later more). Therefore, they are not intimidating. You do not have to make a lift.

Not to mention that you can look absolutely stunning in the right environment.

Dried flowers can be sustainable

The second point is that Drying flowers more sustainable can be as fresh flowers. Because you dried are, you can become a halfway permanent decorative element be in every house.

However, it is important to emphasize that this is not possible. Of course, you should pay attention to all flowers you buy as possible from sustainable production; independent Floral dealers and markets are usually good contact points for it.

How are dried flowers made?

Dried flowers Can be made in different ways, and on the Internet you will find numerous examples - from the microwave to wrapping in silica gel. However, we find that the most traditional method is the best results for Bouquet Supplies.


For dried flowers blossom we love styling with dried flowers.


Air drying: Perfect for bouquets

The traditional method, To dry flowers, is probably the easiest way:

Step one: the Bouquet

Step two: tie him with string together

Step three: Hang the bouquets upside down. So keep the flowers at dry Their structure, which contributes to a long-lasting end product.

How long does it take, to dry the flowersdepends entirely of the chosen flower, the size of the bouquet and ventilation of the room in which you drying. However, keep it in mind every few days.

the flower Should discolor yourself with time and shrink easily. Be careful if you have the flower touch, because they are then brittle.

The best tips: Make sure that the flowers Not exposed directly to the sun and stand in a well-ventilated room.

Glycerin: Treatment of flowers for their preservation

A fabric called glycerin can also Drying flowers Used by preserving it. the flower absorb the glycerin and thus replace their own water content.

Surprisingly, the flowers look very alive and fresh, but are essentially preserved and far more smoother than Dried flowers.

The colors change in the use of glycerine, with tire green in deep brown and copper tones, which scream immediately after autumn ... and that's in our opinion by no means bad. However, when you pick young leaves, you can get a more vivid flowering.

Step One: Cutting The stems of the flowersYou want to preserve, sloping and then in the middle of stems about 2 to 3 centimeters (as if they were halving them).

Step Two: Use a mixture of 2 parts of warm water and 1 part of glycerine and pour them into a high vessel (The flowers have to stand up in the mixture).

Step Three: Let the flowers stand in the mix for 2-3 weeks (do not worry if the water is brown).

Step Four: Hang head over for drying

Top tip: Greenlies can be wonderfully edited with this mix. Convince yourself of our beautiful Eucalyptus in our Dry flow collection.

Which flowers can be dried best?

Almost every type of flower can be dried. So it depends on what kind of flower You use and how to present them.

Also the time you pick the flowers (d. H. the season and the daytime), can affect the overall quality, but that's something you can not guarantee if you are at your local Florist to buy.

However, if you Drock flowers from your garden, you should be at one dry afternoon pick, if the Flowers fresh Appearance, and never after a rain or in the morning.

The best flowers for drying with glycerin

We love, love, love our with glycerine Preserved Eucalyptussen And they are very popular for good reason. They keep a really fresh look and are still for months, sometimes even years, durable.

In general, we find that green plants such as eucalyptus and ferns are very good, but also Hydrangeas and Magnolia are beautifulwhen they are preserved.

Just make sure that you are firm and fresh before you start conservation, and remove all sheets. Below you see a nice berry red Eucalyptusstraußpreserved in this hue.


For dried flowers blossom we love styling with dried flowers.



The best flowers for drying on the head

We like to use Statice and Limoniumbecause their petals are tight and short. This means that a more robust flower protrudes the drying process much better than flowers with many tender Petals.

Hydrangea Can also be good at the Air drybut it comes to the kind of hydrangea on you dry want. As a rule of thumb, the poet the hydrangea is, the better drying You and the longer it is durable.

How long are dry flowers durable?

Under the right conditions you can keep between 1 and 3 years. Dried flowers Hate moisture and moisture, so they should not be stored in kitchens and bathrooms and protected from direct sunlight.

Can dry flowers trigger allergies?

No not at all. There Drying flowers no pollen Included, they are a perfect decoration for people suffering from hay fever.

Are dry flowers for cats safe?

Unfortunately, there is a whole series of flowers that are toxic for cats, such as. B. Lilies, daffodils, hydrangea and chrysanthemums. Even Christmas trees can trigger vomiting in cats. Even dried flowers are no exception. So if you have a cat who likes to chew on nice things, you should be very careful where to put your flowers - both dried and fresh -.

Are dry flowers cheaper than fresh flowers?

Dried flowers are in the Rule more expensive than fresh flowers. This is because they are subject to an additional procedure, so the wholesaler not only for the cultivation of flowers, but also for the Dry or preserve And sometimes even calculated for dyeing the flowers. However, we believe that the money is well created when considering how long the flowers are durable.

And that is our introduction to the world of Dried flowers. We have an amazing selection Dried flowers In stock, if you feel like beautifying your home a little bit. From the popular orange Pampasgräger to our magnificent dried gishes and thistles you will find them in our Dry flower collection And in our business in Earlsfield.

More information about Dried flowers Find in our top tips for the compilation of your own Dry bouquet.

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