Everything you need to know about Pampasgras

Since the opening of our shops in 2020 we have a great demand for dried pampasgras Detected, and for good reason. You can love or hate it, but dried pampasgras is incredibly versatile when it comes to Residential decoration and room design goes.

There is also a large selection dried pampasgras, Of natural ecru tones to colored sunburst-orange and luminous reds. Whether especially fluffy, short or high, Pampasgras has become an indispensable style of style in your home. We want to give you everything worth knowing about this Convention trendy drying flower. And yes, we will talk about the swing. Continue reading.

What kind of pampasgras is the best for you?

One of ours Favorite pastures at flower is it to help our customers who Find perfect flower. Do not forget that we would like to welcome you in our business if you want to look at our proximity products (as it turns out, the stroking of the grass is very popular) and we can help you with decision-making by giving you the individual Introduce varieties. To facilitate the decision, you will find the grasses that flower loves and why.

Best for ... Maximum effect


Everything you need to know about Pampasgras


This particularly Fluffy stems are the most popular Pampasgras And are perfect for the presentation in individual position. Due to their height and spread already five or six of these stems achieve a tremendous effect, and they are best to be valid when they take a corner of the floor.

Best for ... Natural tones


Everything you need to know about Pampasgras


This slim and silky Pampas stems Are the ideal supplement to a creamy white Dry flower arrangementto create a natural bouquet. They are very versatile in size and color and really fit everything.

Best for ... a color swab


Everything you need to know about Pampasgras


As a colorful complement to a white or neutral Dry bouquet or alone in a high, slender vase put this Pampasgras Stem A splash of color on the desk and light a unattractive work environment.

Best for ... minimalists


Everything you need to know about Pampasgras


You are looking for a gift for a girlfriend who is not for elaborate Bouquet can inspire? Try it with this simple Dried pampasgras - It has a natural color, is not too prugal and fits in each vaseNo matter how high she is or what style she has. There is nothing you would not love.

Best for ... Winter sounds


Everything you need to know about Pampasgras


This beautiful deep orange ensures a luxurious

Autumn / winter feeling. In combination with other colorful dry flowers this is Pampasgras a wonderful decoration For the dark and cold winter months.



This pampas grass is perhaps the perfect gift for a summer Barbecue or a garden party. It looks great when gently curled by a light summer breeprise. Due to its height, it can either attract attention in the middle of a covered table or upgrade an outdoor area on a low side table or on the floor.

When is the right season to buy pampasgras?

Pampasgras has season in November - and above all, it's most fluffiest.

You can buy it all year round, but in summer is the selection Pampasgras Lower and it's the least fluffy.

How long is dried pampasgrass durable?

That's the best part. Dried pampasgras can - and should be stable about 3 to 4 years. Or longer!

That makes it incredibly cost-effective and more environmentally friendly than artificial foliage, as it is completely natural.

How can I cultivate my dried pampasgras?

Store your Pampasgras Best of direct sunlight, so that the pigments do not fade.
Keep it away from heating bodies, as too much heat is too dried too much.
Spray light hair spray every few months so it does not fail.
That may be obvious - but to avoid doubts: You do not need to give water into the vase!

How do I make my dried pampasgras fluffy?

In the truest sense of the word shake as she would shake her hair the day after the blank
Blow the grass With a low level hair dryer for a few minutes with hot air.
Shake that Pampasgras Every six months gently off to free it from dust (which may complain).
If you have tried all these tips and still hangs it or drops, it's probably time to replace it.


How do you stylize dried pampasgras?

Pampasgras to Stylen is so easy. There are a variety of textures, shades and heights that you can play with, and you can not go wrong when it comes to it dried pampasgras showcase. So we do it flower.

Where should it go to a specific area of ​​a room or for a specific event?

Which colors do you like - a natural, earthy look or colorful and striking?

What kind of vase should it be - high, short, conspicuous, minimalist?


Completely individually


Everything you need to know about Pampasgras


As already mentioned, sees Pampasgras as a single plant great. So do not shy away, just with a few big, especially fluffy, Natural stems in a vase to start who already own. Do not worry about the height, the stems can easily be cropped on your needs.



Everything you need to know about Pampasgras


For a whole white and creamy color combination, just add Dried white ruscus and dried white Ginster added.

Bright pink


Everything you need to know about Pampasgras


A subtle bouquet can be made of high Dried pampas grassholes with small fluffy Pampasstreues in pink, dried white ruscus and beautiful eucalyptus be put together for a touch of greenery.

Tender yellow


The variety of textures contained in this magnificent bouquet can be mimicly mimic. Combine dried little white, fluffy pampas with dried white speckled ginkter. Dried yellow bougainvillea This look gives the finishing touch. Additional suppleness add a pair of dried apricot bunny tails.

Luxurious burgundy red


Everything you need to know about Pampasgras



With dried burgundy thistle and dried burgundypampa can be used Create breathtaking and luxurious bouquetwho is perfect for a hard-satisfactory friend (!).

Vampire and rusty


Everything you need to know about Pampasgras


Dried earthy and rust-colored pampas flowers together with others Autumn dried flowers are excellent for impressive decoration for events. The different textures and shades hanging on the wall create a rustic and fragmentary decoration for a large room.

Fresh and dried


Everything you need to know about Pampasgras


the Use of pampasgras as a base for fresh flowers is a true enjoyment. The mixture of textures creates interesting layers and gives a delicate Bunch of flowers more volume.

How do you stylize pampasgras in a vase?

Of course it is a question of personal preference, how to Floral arrangements Scene and matches color. At the moment it is a beautiful trend, long, natural, Dried pampasgrashaws to present in round recycling vases. Our recycled Vase is a perfect example of this.


The effect is natural, clean and minimalist: A perfect styling to supplement the increasingly popular scandal trends in the interior.
However, the beauty of dried pampasgras is in the variety of colors. Imagine the same concept as above, but replace the natural long stems through a deep burgundy bouquet and an elegant high White vase. And they have already switched from minimalist to opulent.

Dried pampasgrass is suitable for vasesultimately to the length of the chosen stem and the color of the Pampasgrases self-tuned are. In general, the Vase the biggest part The stems obscure and either complement the color elegantly or make a complete contrast. We have a nice selection of vases that are perfect for the Styling of her pampas are suitable.


Everything you need to know about Pampasgras


How to drool his own pampasgrass?

Although it was known as "swingers" because it was literally planted in front of the house, it is today as a luck, if MAN Pampasgras has grown in his beds. If you have it, you will find out here how you can make the best of it.

Pampasgras is a hard to cut grass, so use a powerful scissors!
Cut it as close as possible at the base, you can still trim later on the right size.
The best way to cut your pampasgras in late summer / early autumn
Tend the grass with a rubber band together to bundle the stems, then hang it upside down and let it stand for two weeks on a dark, warm and dry place.
As soon as it is dried, turn it back in the right direction, loosen it up and spray it easily with hair spray.
If you feel brave, you can also dye your grass ...
Mix some color and immerse the stems so that it is fully covered before they let him dry for a few hours.


Vase for pampasgras

Is dried pampasgrass toxic for dogs and cats?

Current research shows indicates that Pampasgras for dogs and cats should not be toxic.

Is dried pampasgrass toxic for people?


As in Dogs and cats should pampasgras Also for people be not poisonous.


Now you know everything you have about dried pampasgras need to know. Here you will find your Favorite flowers and vaseswith whom you can decorate the grass in your house. Have fun!


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