3 things you need to know about dried flowers

Three important points about dried flowers

Dried flowers, Completely back!

Driedflumen-Blossom is since 2020 with a wide range Dried flowers In all types, sizes and colors online active.

After a long absence of almost 20 years Dried flowers "out of the blue" Again hip and trendy. Of course you can Drying flowers in the webshop from Driedflumen-Blossom buy your Online flower shop.

The trend dried flowers Think so many of you and of course we understand why! Her Beautiful colors and vintage feel Combined with modern decor is simply enchanting. Especially if the days become shorter and cooler, one longs for a touch of summer at home and dried flowers bring exactly that.

We have put together three important points that may not be over Dried flowers Wissest. Our goal is not only dried flowers, Pampas and decoration but also to offer, that you yourself Driedflumen expertWrite!

Blossom creation

1. There is a dried flow season

Dried flowers are seasonal! Dried flowers were before fresh flowers were, now they became their Bloom highlight picked and dried became. This often happens in summer and after one Couple weeks drying are you ready!

Thus, we secure that we capture your beauty at the best time. But that also means that the harvest can not be endless and to resell it until the next summer comes. Slow & sustainable! We respect the rhythm of nature.



2. Drying flowers does not mean sustainable!

Dried flowers are certainly a sustainable alternative Cut flowersAs you save the transport routes and thus the CO2 print is lower. Note, however, where yours Dried flowers come! We atDried flowers blossomOnly work with European suppliers and pay attention to their working conditions, be it in production or as they take care of their employees.

the Drying flowers and grasses Often, for example, from distant countries like:

Dried palm leaves Or Palmwedel: India, Sri Lanka.
Pampasgrass: South America
Our Fluffy pampasgras dates from the Netherlands. Palm leaves or fronds we did not have in the assortment, because we only offer flowers and plants from European production to remain faithful to our values.

3. Some dried flowers smell like fresh flowers

Even though Dried flowers Rather than chosen for your look & feel, there are some types of flowers, which also smell like fresh flowers after drying. lavender, Straw flowers or Roses For example, keep your smell, the summer lives a bit longer at home!

Here it goes to the Dried flowers, pampas, Dry bouquet And gifts. Have fun shopping! Do you have a special wish? Write us moon.blossom.day@gmail.com. We look forward to you!

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