💗How do I care for my dried flowers?

You are the trend in the interior design!


They are easy to handle, bring color to the interiors, and Dried flowers Delight the everyday life of those who No green thumb have (and also those who have one 😉 ).

We explain how to take care of her. Your care does not pay much attention, but here are a few tips for your

Hold dry bouquets for a long time.


 Dry flower box


Where can I keep my dry bouquet?

Breaking News: Dried flowers can dry be kept!

In a vase, Hanging, on a wreath or wherever you want, but without water!

How can I get the colors of my drying flowers?

If yours dried flowers Full color, do not expose them to full light or sunlight! There are not any fresh flowers. Too much light could cause you to lose your color.

How do I clean my dry bouquet?

Has dust on her Dried flowers laid? No panic! You can use a soft cloth or a dustwedding to remove the dust. A little blow-dry too 😉 (Cold! You do not want to burn everything).


A little hint: You can do yours Drying flowers tender paintedSo that they hold longer!

They know everything!

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