đŸŒŸ5 types of flowers to dry at home!

Are you also the charm of dried flowers expire?


These timeless flowersThat you almost can keep forever. For some time now they are back in the spotlight, they are the queens of concupiscence and a Must-have in the decorationThey nestle in all apartments. Dried flowers Our interiors have tamed, we find it in different forms: under Bells, beautiful in bouquets or crowns!

pssst: a guide to make yourself a Dried flowers bellwaiting for you here: âžĄïž HERE!

You can use them even dry at homeThen it is even more fun!
There is many flowers you can dryBut here is a selection of Dried flowers Blossom of five types of flowers to dry at home!

👀 Focus on five easy to be dried flowers:

1- hydrangea:




come hydrangeas of this shrub that is often found in gardens! (Ask your grandma or your friends, your neighbor or sister of the girlfriend of your neighbor, in short, you have to have someone around you who has the good fortune to possess a hydrangea). This beautiful and massive flower is very suitable for the Drying exerciseBeing! We explain everything here.

2- Lagurus




The little black feathers are Lagurus


the oval Lagure, also known asfoxtail (That is too cute name) dries also very goodBeing! In fact, you hardly need to do something! Of the Lagurus belongs to the family of herbaceous plants, you can it easy put a vase without waterHe will not move or change. It will remain as beautiful as the day on which you have seen this magnificent and sweet variety for the first time.

This pretty little plant lives best on the coast, you will encounter it safe on vacation!

3- lavender




The flower that smells of ProvenceBeing! These flower has many virtues (only its scent makes them a magical little treasure), she has healing and soothing powers (Found here) and so much more!

Do you want to dry lavender, Upside down or just in a vase? As simple as the foxtail (known by its clever name: the Lagurus). Little effort required! Cut the stems a little, you brush them and go!

4- Schleierkraut

Gypsophila is the flowerThat keeps very well. We love baby's breath, both in fresh and in dried bouquets. Cut the flower stalks off and put it up for Dry upside down in an airy and shady place. Yes, you'll have understood, it is always the same 😉 .

5 - Mimosa

And the winning number? mimosa! The flowerThat all hearts wins! Mimosa appears at the end of winter and is a real sunshine! We enjoy it fresh, but did you know that this pretty little Sunshine and dried can be? Very simple, very basic: cutting, cleaning, head down and go!


You can also view all dry grasses slightly! Wheat, pampas grass, all cerealsBeing! Treat yourself to something :)

Of course, others may Species of flowers are dried, This list is not exhaustive!

Now it is your turn! 💕

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